Cleantech Institute is June 10-11 (Discount Available)

From June 10-11, the Cleantech Institute will take place in Berkeley, California.  This event is a two-day executive education program designed to advance commercialization of clean technologies.  An overview of the program is as follows:

June 10 – Policy & Innovation
The Policy & Innovation segment is designed to explain how to design and execute technology from concept to commercialization within the context of the political and regulatory environment. Day 1 will focus heavily on current policy and its potential impact, by convening policy-makers and regulators in a discussion of state, local and federal initiatives. Additionally participants will hear real world examples and candid accounts from executives who are navigating the regulatory process. Participants will leave Day 1 with a strategic map of the federal, state, and local initiatives.

June 11 – Innovation & Economics
The Innovation & Economics segment explores the final stages along the path to commercialization and beyond, including partnerships, financing, exit strategies and more. Day 2 will dissect proven business models through case studies and provide a view from those financing cleantech innovations.

This program will take place at the Center for Executive Education, Haas School of Business, University of California – Berkeley, 2220 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley, CA. 

Readers of Green VC can receive a $200 discount off the registration price for this event. To receive the discount, please use code "prcpr_10" (without the quotes) when registering online.

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