ElectraTherm Obtains $2.6 Million in Series A Funding

ElectraTherm, a Carson City, Nevada-based company, announced in November that it raised $2.6 million in Series A funding.  ElectraTherm was incorporated in 2005 and its products include the ElectraTherm Green Machine (illustrated below; click for full-size version) which captures waste heat to generate fuel-free, emissions-free energy.

ElectraTherm Green Machine

ElectraTherm states that this product is the first commercially viable generator to create electricity from low temperature, residual industrial heat.  ElectraTherm completed its first commercial installation of the ElectraTherm Green Machine in May at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

"ElectraTherm's disruptive technology is truly rewriting the book on clean energy production," said ElectraTherm investor Mike Acheson, Managing Director of Interlaken LLC. "Industrial waste heat is everywhere and the global market is poised to benefit from ElectraTherm's patented technology."

"The response from customers, investors, manufacturers, and dealers has been very positive as news has spread about the ElectraTherm Green Machine," said Richard Langson, CEO of ElectraTherm. "The growing momentum is not surprising since our technology taps into the largest single source of immediately available renewable energy according to the U.S. Department of Energy – untapped geothermal and industrial waste heat."

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