The Economist Presents The Carbon Economy Summit on November 17 – 18 (Discount Available)

The Economist

The Economist will present The Carbon Economy: New Opportunities for Green Business in Washington, DC on November 17 and 18. This event will explore how governments and the business community can find innovative solutions to address climate change while sustaining economic growth. Speakers will include:

  • David Sandalow, Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs, US Department of Energy
  • James E Rogers, Chairman, President and CEO, Duke Energy
  • Patrick Birley, Chief Executive, European Climate Exchange
  • Jason Grumet, Founder & President, Bipartisan Policy Center
  • Michael Granoff, Head of Oil Independence Policies, BetterPlace
  • Jin Jiaman, Executive Director, Global Environmental Institute, China
  • Marcy Reed, SVP Public Affairs, National Grid
  • Alan Salzman, CEO, VantagePoint Venture Partners
  • Richard L. Sandor, Chairman and Founder, Chicago Climate Exchange
  • Chauncey Shey, CEO, SB China Venture Capital
  • David Sokol, Chairman, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company

Sessions will include:

  • The Global Framework for Climate Change Initiatives
  • The stimulus score card – how have stimulus spending and incentives changed the trajectory?
  • The outlook for a global carbon market
  • Where will the investment opportunities be – technology, renewables, or infrastructure?
  • A showcase for new technologies, innovations in renewable energy, energy mitigation, and green jobs that will change the way people think and live.

For questions on this event, you can contact Rosemary DiDomizio at 212-554-0627 or by e-mail at carboneconomyevent [at]

In addition, through November 6th, readers of Green VC can receive $600 off the standard registration price of $2495.  To receive this discount please use code "grnvc" [without the quotes] when registering online.

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