“Legal Issues in Launching a Cleantech Startup” Part of UC Hastings Cleantech Roundtable on April 13 (Free Event)

UC Hastings Cleantech Roundtable

The 3rd Annual UC Hastings Cleantech Roundtable will take place on April 13 at the UC Hastings School of Law in San Francisco.  Registration is free for this all-day event, which will features panels on topics including "Legal Issues in Launching a Cleantech Startup."  The specific panels are:

Panel 1: Startup 101: Legal Issues in Launching a Cleantech Startup
This panel will explore the numerous important legal issues facing cleantech startups. These topics will include: the main legal steps in establishing a cleantech business, including corporate structure, founders shares, compensation issues, and others; structuring early stage financing; the investor’s perspective, including how investors evaluate a business idea, pitching venture capitalists, trends in VC funding, and the amount of early stage funding available; and how to manage intellectual property, including patenting and protecting your business ideas. 

Panel 2: Making the Desert Bloom: Key Issues in Developing Renewable Energy Projects
This panel will address the unique legal challenges involved in developing a utility-scale renewable energy project. This panel will discuss: the governmental programs to incentivize renewable energy development; the unique risks inherent in renewable energy projects; how those risks are allocated in the key project contracts; negotiating the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA); and structuring financing for renewable energy projects. 

Panel 3: The Legal Minefield: Mergers and Acquisitions in the Cleantech Industry
This panel will address the current trend toward consolidation in the cleantech industry and how the parties can navigate what has been called a legal minefield of requirements on the way to successfully closing a deal. The topics will include: an update on recent M&A activity in the cleantech industry; an overview of the steps in the M&A process; common M&A deal structures; recent examples of successful cleantech transactions and how the parties evaluated the business case for the deal; negotiating the key terms of the M&A agreements; and legal requirements for public companies, including legal duties of corporate directors and compliance with federal securities laws.

Additional information and registration is available on the event website.

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