SVForum Presents “Market Opportunities for Grid Level Energy Storage” (Discount Available)

SVForumOn May 10, 2012, SVForum will present the next program in its Cleantech Breakfast Series, Market Opportunities for Grid Level Energy Storage.  A description of this program is as follows:

Energy storage technologies of various kinds are making steady progress both from a performance and cost standpoint. Whether to shift load, ease the integration of the renewables or provide reliability services to the grid, new energy storage solutions are being deployed today to meet emerging challenges presented by increased renewable energy generation and opportunities presented by smart grid networks and new markets mechanisms. In 2012 are we on the cusp of a new industry or are we still a few years away?

Our distinguished panel will give an overview of the state of the market for energy storage solutions today and discuss emerging opportunities and technologies on the horizon.

  • Key market drivers and value propositions in various time scales
  • Energy storage technology of today and tomorrow – compressed air energy storage, lithium Ion and other chemistries, flow batteries, fly wheels, etc.   
  • Policy & regulation issues that are defining new market opportunities and incentivizing adoption
  • Emerging business models and near term opportunities for grid level storage
  • Financing for technology development and project development

The event will bring together many of the key stakeholders driving the adoption of energy storage and developing and deploying new cutting solutions; academia and research, the public sector, utilities, investors and entrepreneurs.

Speakers will Include:

  • Hanns Anders, Claremont Creek Ventures
  • Lee Burrows, VantagePoint Venture Partners
  • Daidipya Patwa, PG&E
  • Moderated by: Khaled Shami, Nixon Peabody

This program will be held from 8:00 – 10:00 PM at Nixon Peabody, One Embarcadero Center – 18th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111. Thanks to our friends at SVForum, readers of Green VC can receive a 30% discount when registering online by entering code DATA12.

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