Solyndra to Hold Technical Career Fair on May 25

SolyndraSolyndra, Fremont, California-based solar company, will hold a Technical Career Fair on May 25th from 4-8 pm.  The company will be bringing their new factory online and are looking for team members with technical experience in any of the following areas:

  • Vacuum
  • Electrical/Mechanical
  • Laser/Optics
  • Thin Films
  • Wet Bench
  • Automation/Robotics
  • PLC
  • Factory MES Software

The event will be an informal place to meet Solyndra managers and learn more about the company's technology and the requirements for these technical positions. Those interested should go to and submit their resume. Qualified applicants will receive an invitation with the location of the event. A flyer about this event can be downloaded here.

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