Opportunity to Meet with Khosla Ventures on November 13

Khosla Ventures

On November 13, the Environmental Business Cluster (EBC) will provide an opportunity to meet with Khosla VenturesThis program is part of EBC's "Meet with" series - a partnering and coaching series designed to facilitate meetings between cleantech entrepreneurs and investors, customers and potential partners. After a presentation, each attendee will receive a one-on-one meeting with Alex Kinnier, Partner at Khosla Ventures.

Attendees must apply in advance and be approved to attend.  To apply, please send your Executive Summary by Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 9:00 am PST to Erika at <Erika [at] prescienceintl.com>. You will be notified on November 6 if your application is accepted or rejected. Registration must be completed upon approval to secure your meeting slot.  Costs are as follows:

  • Application fee: FREE
  • Registration for one company representative: $100
  • Registration for two company representatives: $175
  • Registration for three company representatives: $225

For more information: