Taiwan Textile Industry Eco Innotech Assisted FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar is a once-in-a-lifetime event for billions around the world. With a total audience expected to reach highs not seen since the last tournament, this may also be a chance for Taiwan textile manufacturers to showcase their latest innovations.

The invisible champions in the locker room, including Eclat Textile Co., Ltd., Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC), New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd., Shinkong Synthetic Fibers and San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., etc., have designed some innovative tear-resistant jerseys worn by many national teams in the tournament. Over the past few years, Taiwan textile manufacturers have consistently given new life to waste.

When the England National Football Team entered the quarter-finals again after 28 years in 2018, the British office in Taiwan thanked local textile manufacturers in a special Facebook post: “The recycled PET bottles made of eco-friendly yarn and the seamless sewing technology can reduce the friction on the body of the jerseys, and the jerseys used by the England team this time are all made by these Taiwanese textile technologies.”

Bringing Taiwan’s Functional Textile to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Talking about Taiwan textile manufacturers’ latest innovations at FIFA World Cup Quatar 2022, for instance, Far Eastern New Century showcased its “Ocean Recycling Tear-Resistant Sports Jerseys” at the TITAS Taipei Textile Show in October, unveiling a creative fabric set to make waves at the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

According to tallies, nine countries will wear jerseys made of this new fabric, including Germany, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, and Wales, which are poised to enter the finals. The fabric structure is reportedly designed specifically for each team.

What’s more, Shinkong Synthetic Fibers used its recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers to create tear-resistant sports jerseys for several national teams at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar, as the shirts are moisture-wicking and suitable for sports involving collision.

Taiwan textile industry has a complete upstream and downstream supply chain, which can quickly respond to brand requirements such as sustainability. It relies on research and development to create high value-added products with a global market share of over 70%.

The friendly accolade highlights the spirit of the popular competition: “Now is All.” The slogan refers to the moment when you execute the dream, achieve your goal, and own the present. That is without a doubt the feeling of pride these invisible champions in the locker room — Taiwan textile manufacturers — must fell today.

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