Reibus International Brings Carbon Reduction Solutions to the Metals Industry

Reibus launches carbon solutions to address steel industry’s environmental impact

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reibus International, the independent digital marketplace for metals, is proud to announce its new carbon solutions offering created to negate the impact steel production has on the environment. With the metals industry embarking on a journey towards carbon neutrality in line with The Paris Agreement, Reibus is at the forefront, providing a simple and effective way for steel professionals to understand their carbon footprint and tackle these emissions responsibly. To accomplish this goal, Reibus has partnered with ClimateTrade, a pioneering climate-tech company specializing in decarbonization through innovative technology solutions.

Steel is an indispensable component of today’s infrastructure; however, the steel industry is a significant contributor to global carbon emissions. In 2022, the International Energy Agency found almost 1.5 tons of CO2 were emitted – and emissions levels are only expected to rise from an increased demand in manufacturing. Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable practices, Reibus is taking the lead in providing solutions that enable organizations to mitigate their environmental impact.

Reibus’ addition of its emissions calculator and carbon offset purchasing program serves as a crucial step forward in promoting environmental responsibility within the steel industry. By making carbon offsets readily available, Reibus enables organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to causes related to the supply chain.

ClimateTrade supported the initiative by curating high-quality and verified sustainable projects, ensuring they met Reibus’ sustainability goals. Customers are given the option to offset emissions immediately by supporting projects in the USA, Mexico, Peru and Spain.

“Reibus is committed to driving positive change in the steel industry by addressing its environmental concerns,” said John Armstrong, Founder and CEO of Reibus. “We are proud to offer solutions that make carbon footprint reduction a real possibility. Just this year, we entered the recyclables market. Now we have an easy and accessible way to purchase carbon offsets to give back to the environment.”

“We believe that by offering a convenient way to calculate your carbon emissions and purchase carbon offsets, we can empower organizations to easily contribute to a more sustainable future,” Armstrong said.

Fran Benedito, CEO & Co-Founder of ClimateTrade said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Reibus in our shared mission to drive climate action from within the metals industry. This partnership not only underlines our commitment to advancing decarbonization through technology but also highlights Reibus’ dedication to sustainable business practices.”

About Reibus

Reibus was founded in 2018 as the only independent and anonymous SaaS-enabled marketplace, utilizing technology to solve ingrained supply chain problems in the metals market. Reibus uses its advanced technology and deep industry knowledge to revolutionize supply chain efficiency by shortening lead times, reducing inventory, streamlining cash flow, and providing logistics and financial services. For more information, visit Reibus at


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