New Partnership for Sustainable Building Experts Signals Commitment to Low-Carbon Innovation

Collaboration Between cove.tool and Zauben to Drive Integration of Nature-Based Technologies into Built Environment

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–cove.tool, a leading provider of building design and construction software, and Zauben, a provider of nature-based climate solutions for a sustainable future, today announce their partnership to build more sustainable and resilient communities. This collaboration for the software and climate solution companies represents an important milestone toward optimized buildings designed to support occupants, reduce energy consumption, and mitigate their impact on climate change.

Through an integration with cove.tool’s revgen.tool, the tech startup and Zauben are providing a comprehensive solution that integrates innovative technologies to improve building performance and sustainability, ultimately enabling Architects, Engineers, and Construction (AEC) professionals to focus on building a better world. At the same time, it demonstrates the power of collaboration in identifying opportunities to create more resilient communities.

“At Zauben, we believe that the future of sustainable urban development lies in the integration of nature-based solutions with smart technology,” said Zachary Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Zauben. “Our partnership with cove.tool will allow us to take that belief to the next level by combining our innovative hardware solutions with their cutting-edge software, providing architects and developers with the tools they need to create healthier and more sustainable buildings.”

revgen.tool, a solution designed to make it easier for building product manufacturers to market products, attract qualified leads, and drive revenue, works as an integral part of Zauben’s sales cycle, helping drive data-driven decision making by architects and designers. Zauben specializes in nature-based climate technologies, including living walls and green roofs. Their hydroponic living wall and green roof solutions create healthier and more durable built environments, improving acoustic performance, noise pollution, mental health, productivity, and more.

Together, cove.tool and Zauben are able to help users integrate nature-based technologies into their projects. AEC professionals can easily select Zauben’s green roof and living wall products and assess their impact on energy efficiency, cost, and environmental performance.

“Our partnership with Zauben is an exciting step toward our goal of making it easier to design optimized buildings that are best-in-class in terms of performance and low-carbon objectives,” said Sandeep Ahuja, Co-Founder and CEO at cove.tool. “Our platform helps users understand the inherent benefits of using nature-based solutions and materials in built spaces to create better positive buildings for the planet and people. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish with the team at Zauben.”

About Zauben

Zauben is reimagining how we think and interact with nature. Headquartered in Chicago, Zauben is a living wall and green roof company breathing life back into our cities. Zauben creates environmentally friendly spaces with sustainable green products and combines the beauty of nature with innovative IoT sensor technology to monitor plant care.

About cove.tool

cove.tool is a web-based platform for analyzing, drawing, engineering, and connecting data for building design and construction. Its streamlined, automated analysis enables design teams, contractors, and building product manufacturers to use data in decision-making through automation. cove.tool powers systematic climate action by driving rapid decarbonization of buildings with simulation.

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