MyForest Foods Expands into New York City After Being Named One of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022

Advancing its mission to feed the planet sustainably, the whole-cut mycelium trailblazer expands into new territories with its nationally-recognized product, MyBacon

GREEN ISLAND, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MyForest Foods Co.—recently named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022—today announced its New York City retail debut and partnership with an Albany-based independent foodservice chain in continuing efforts to satisfy growing consumer demand for its flagship product My™Bacon.

Westerly Natural Market, a natural foods retailer in midtown Manhattan, and Elm Wellness, an organic grocery and health store in NYC’s West Village, are MyForest Foods’ 10th and 11th retailers, respectively. This milestone placement is the company’s first foray into a major market outside the Capital District in NY and Berkshire County in MA. Partnering with natural products retailers who prioritize food accessibility and sustainability, MyForest Foods continues its mission to feed the planet in an environmentally sensitive manner. Consumers can visit for a complete list of retailers and restaurants that offer the product.

“Westerly Natural Market is New York’s City’s destination for plant-based, organic and all-natural items and supplements, which serves a diverse customer base with equally diverse preferences. We are constantly looking for delicious, high-quality, environmentally conscious products to meet a myriad of needs,” said Ricardo Nieves, store manager of Westerly Natural Market. “As our store prides itself on offering a wide assortment of hard-to-find items, we’re especially excited to introduce our Manhattan shoppers to MyBacon. Being a sought-after, locally-produced meatless product with a short ingredient list, MyBacon stands apart from the crowd.”

In addition to New York City retail, MyForest Foods will expand into foodservice with a new restaurant partner, Herbie’s Burgers. This local, three-door chain in Albany, NY, is famous for its grass-fed and all-vegan burger options. With a fibrous texture and smoky flavor mimicking the taste of traditional pork bacon, MyBacon is the perfect accompaniment atop any of Herbie’s consciously curated burger offerings.

MyBacon’s expansion results from the significant market momentum the company has achieved since its 2020 inception. Most recently, MyForest Foods received esteemed national recognition as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022, as a “better fakin’ bacon” in the food and drink category, for its minimal ingredients and whole-cut approach to meatless food. To create its list of 200 groundbreaking inventions, TIME solicited nominations through an extensive online application process and from its editors and correspondents worldwide, evaluating each contender on several key factors, including originality, efficacy, ambition, and impact.

“MyForest Foods was founded with a vision to find sustainable solutions for the looming climate crisis and the resulting global food shortage,” said Eben Bayer, co-founder and CEO of MyForest Foods. “We’re honored that TIME has recognized this mission and our achievements toward a well-fed planet, and we’re proud to be included among such an esteemed list of world-changers and innovators.”

As consumer demand for MyBacon continues to grow, MyForest Foods is supporting the expansion of product availability with its newly commissioned AirMycelium™ farm in Green Island, NY, Swersey Silos. Once fully operational, Swersey Silos projects an annual yield of one million pounds of MyBacon mycelium; it’s the largest vertical mycelium farm in the world of its kind. This feat has also earned MyForest Foods a spot on Albany Business Review’s Achievers List as a “Company to Watch,” an honor celebrated earlier this month.

To stay connected and keep up-to-date with MyForest Foods, visit and @myforestfoods on instagram. For upcoming MyBacon sampling opportunities, follow @westerly_market and @elmwellness.

About MyForest Foods

MyForest Foods is an American food technology company spun out of Ecovative in 2020. MyForest Foods’ proprietary platform uses a natural super-ingredient called mycelium to grow nutrient-rich fibers that replicate the textures and mouthfeel of meat. MyForest Foods is an award-winning consumer packaged goods food brand currently selling My™Bacon in New York and New England retailers with more widespread availability expected next year. To learn more, visit


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