Emburse Partners with GreeMko to Further Efforts Around Corporate Sustainability

Technology and spend management come together to help companies achieve ESG commitments, sustainable business travel

LOS ANGELES & PORTLAND, Maine–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Just ahead of the World Day for the Reduction of CO₂ Emissions on January 28, Emburse, the global leader in spend optimization, announces a new alliance with GreeMko to help companies meet their ESG commitments and achieve more sustainable travel.

Through this partnership, Emburse will provide customers of its Emburse Captio expense automation solution with rich data and greater insights by calculating the carbon footprint of employee expenses. Once an expense is entered into Emburse Captio, the information will be converted into tonnes of CO₂ equivalent, leveraging data supplied by GreeMko. With this data in hand, companies can then more accurately report on their total carbon emissions, and meet the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 3 standards or achieve certification in ISO 14064.

The calculations from GreeMko are based on the guidelines of the GHG Protocol and the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change. GreenMko offers solutions to help businesses meet their sustainability or carbon neutrality goals. More specifically, its work helps address the often difficult-to-measure emissions that fall under Scope 3, including corporate travel.

“We’ve entered a new era of business travel, and the need for sustainability is even more critically important than before. Yet just like other areas of accounting in a business, if carbon emissions are not tracked, they’re not being managed,” said Eric Friedrichsen, CEO of Emburse. “Through the partnership between Emburse and GreeMko, businesses can harness reliable, accurate data to enhance their reporting, budgeting, and guidance around carbon footprinting. This will also equip leaders with insights to guide travel policies and identify the most sustainable options.”

The combination of technology and spend management will help businesses stay on track or even enhance their overall commitment to sustainability.

“For many companies, improving their sustainability efforts begins with better measurement,” said Jorge Portillo, CEO of GreeMko. “GreeMko makes it easier to comply with increasingly demanding legal requirements and, above all, achieve greater efficiency and sustainability, thus reducing environmental impact.”

The alliance with GreeMko marks one more way Emburse has leveraged data and technology to address sustainability efforts. Currently, users of the Emburse Go solution can see the carbon footprint of their trips, and companies can view data from all employee trips in a central dashboard.

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