Green Venture Capitalists Highlighted by Forbes

Growing Up Green is an article in the February 11, 2008 issue of Forbes that discusses how a new generation of venture capitalists are focusing on cleantech / greentech. The article spotlights three venture capitalists under 40 — Aileen Lee and Trae Vassallo (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers) and Samir Kaul (Khosla Ventures) and states that:

These three are among venture capital’s new guard. Like their predecessors, they’re smart, driven to win and inclined to gravitate to the biggest opportunity they can find. Ten years ago it was software and telecom. Two years ago it was the Web. Now the fad is all things green: renewable fuels, electric cars, smart power grids, clean coal.

The article also highlights different perspectives — both the optimism and concern — in the venture capital community regarding the opportunities in cleantech / greentech.  For more information:

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