Craton Equity Partners Announces $191.5 Million Clean Tech Fund

Craton Equity Partners

In May, Los Angeles-based Craton Equity Partners announced that it completed the third and final closing of its first clean tech investment fund, having raised $191.5 million. Craton had its first closing in December 2006 and invested in two companies (Enlink GeoEnergy Services and GigaCrete) while raising the remainder of its fund.

This news was announced by Craton founders Bob MacDonald and Tom Soto. "Craton’s philosophy is to invest in those technologies that are known alternatives to carbon intensive technologies currently in use," said MacDonald. "Craton focuses on investing in small emerging growth companies whose products and services provide green building materials, renewable energy generation, alternative fuels, water remediation and management, and solid waste reduction and conversion technologies."

"Having worked for so many years in the environmental movement and in the renewable energy
field, we saw the opportunity to combine our activism, our experience dealing with
environmental regulation, and the new focus on green technology to spur whole new markets,"
said Soto. "The private sector is the new frontier of the environmental movement. If we are
going to solve the crisis of climate change it is going to require a partnership of activism,
government, technology and capital."

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