Green Investments Summit 2009 to Take Place in Hong Kong from February 9 – 11

Green Investments Summit 2009

Green Investments Summit 2009 will be taking place in Hong Kong from February 9 – 11. This event will include sessions covering venture capital, private equity, and exit strategies. The program will also include industry-specific sessions including biofuels, clean vehicles and transportation, hydro energy, solar energy, and wind energy.  Organizations that attendees can expect to hear from include:

  • Aloe Private Equity
  • Asia Cleantech
  • Asia Green Capital
  • Carbon Ventures of CLP Holdings Ltd
  • China Solar Power Holdings Ltd
  • Climate Change Capital
  • Deutsche Bank
  • E+CO
  • Earth Biofuels (Asia) Sdn. Bhd
  • Frontier Investments
  • Japan Bank for International Cooperation
  • New Energy FInance
  • PCM Capital
  • Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City
  • Standard Bank Plc 
  • Vestas Technology
  • Vision Capital Partners

You can contact Zhax Chew (zhax.chew [at] if you have any questions on this event.

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