Think Beyond Plastic Business Accelerator Announces Executive Officers

Think Beyond Plastic

The Think Beyond Plastic Accelerator which was launched last month at the Our Oceans conference, announced the following executive officers yesterday:

  • Daniella Russo, a Founding Partner, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Russo’s executive experience with high-tech, Fortune 500 businesses, and NGOs has helped elevate plastic pollution in the global, social and environmental discourse. “Demand is growing for sustainable alternatives to the conventional disposable plastic products. Think Beyond Plastic Accelerator will play a pivotal role in connecting the urgency of global plastic pollution crisis with breakthrough solutions,” says Ms. Russo.
  • Destin Joy Layne, a Founding Partner, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Layne brings over fifteen years of experience leading innovation projects intersecting food, technology and sustainability, and executive management with nationwide philanthropic, political, and education initiatives.
  • Gregory T. Baxter, Ph.D., a Founding Partner, has been appointed Chief Technology Officer. Dr. Baxter is a published author with 20+ patents, who brings a wealth of expertise in biochemistry, nanotechnology and entrepreneurship. Dr. Baxter is on the Founders Board of Advisors at StartX Stanford Student Startup Accelerator and was a Fellow with The Innovation Accelerator, a public-private partnership with NSF.
  • Michael P. Washburn, Ph.D., a Founding Partner, has been appointed Chief Sustainability Officer. Dr. Washburn works at the intersection of science, policy, politics, and program development. He is former VP of Sustainability at Nestle Waters North America, and one of the country‚Äôs most respected sustainability experts. 
  • Pam Marcus, P.T., has been appointed Senior Director of Consumer Products. Ms. Marcus is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Lifefactory, Inc. She is an outspoken advocate for health and environmental issues.

This accelerator is a Public Benefit corporation that aims to address plastic pollution through innovation and entrepreneurship. Additional information on this new accelerator is available here.

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