Clean Tech Open Announces 2010 Finalists in All Regions

Clean Tech OpenThe Clean Tech Open (CTO), a business plan competition that will provide more than $1 million in prizes for early-stage clean technology startups, recently announced the finalists for its 2010 competition. The finalists, by regional competition, are listed below.  You can also view a list of the semifinalists here.

These finalist teams will now be competing at the national competition, which will be awarding a grand prize of $250,000 in investment and services on November 17, 2010. 

California Region

  • FogBusters, Inc. – Revolutionary technology for removing fat, oil and grease (FOG) from wastewater
  • Suntulit – Smart, multi-zone HVAC system enhancement for homeowners with central forced-air systems
  • Stramit Strawboard – Converts low-cost agricultural waste into high-value building board
  • Pure Solar – Laser-processing tool to produce an industry-standard c-Si wafer to increase efficiency for photo-voltaic cell manufacturers
  • SmartSense - Real-time fault detection, fault prediction and performance monitoring for electrical grids
  • Pressure Sentinel – Automatic tire inflation system that eliminates the problem of underinflated truck tires

North Central Region

  • EarthClean – Creator of a biodegradable, non-toxic fire suppressant system that can be used in existing firefighting equipment
  • Graphene Solutions, Inc. – Technologies that increase the practical application of nanomaterials in coatings, composites and energy generation and storage
  • Silicon Solar Solutions - Improves energy output and lower cost of silicon-based solar power cells.

North East Region

  • OnChip Power – Bringing integration to power electronics
  • 7Solar – Energy Independence, one building at a time
  • V Squared Wind – Wind technology

Pacific Northwest Region

  • Arcimoto – Builder of a fun and cost-effective electric vehicle for the around-town drives that typify most vehicle use
  • Nanocel Inc. – Revolutionizing the cooling of electronic devices with its microfluidic polymer cooling system that can cool specific areas that generate the heat
  • Puralytics – Maker of unique water purification devices that remove all types of pollutants in a single step without using chemicals or producing waste water

Rocky Mountain Region

  • infiniRel – Assures renewable energy service providers of maximum equipment uptime at the lowest service cost through predictive data analysis and maintenance scheduling support
  • INOTEC – Distributes electrons to microbes in a manner that provides them with energy to more efficiently transform and remove contaminants found in waste and drinking waters
  • pureSilicon – Addresses growing electrical use by computer servers

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