Adina for Life Receives $1 Million from Good Capital

Adina for Life

Good Capital, the San Francisco-based manager of the Social Enterprise Expansion Fund, recently announced that it closed a $1 million investment in Adina for Life, a lifestyle brand focused on organic, Fair Trade coffee drinks, and other healthful beverages. This investment is part of a $9 million round, part of which was announced earlier this year and was led by Sherbrooke Capital

“Demand for our delicious, life sustaining drinks has been growing tremendously and is now at an inflection point," said Greg Steltenpohl, Chairman and Co-founder of Adina. "We are taking our organic and Fair Trade beverages straight to mainstream American consumers.  We are excited to have Good Capital’s investment because of their unique focus on growing businesses that also contribute to positive social change."

Adina was founded in 2004, launched its first line of juice coolers in 2005, and introduced its organic, Fair Trade Certified(TM) ready-to-drink coffees and teas in 2007.

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