Greenhouse Gas Services (a GE AES Venture) Announces Agreement with Google

Greenhouse Gas Services (GHGS), a venture of GE Energy Financial Services and The AES Corporation, announced today that it has signed a master agreement with Google to co-develop projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and produce GHG credits.  Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

The initial project will be at the Mount Herman landfill in Caldwell County, North Carolina.  GHGS will design, build and operate a facility that will capture more than 120,000 tons of methane gas from the landfill over ten years.  The captured methane gas will be destroyed by flare or converted to a fuel source to power a new agricultural research greenhouse that will be built for the Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute as part of the project.

The GHG credits will be generated from the methane gas captured by GHGS, and the company will work with an independent third party to certify the scientific integrity of the avoided emissions.  Google will add these offsets to its carbon portfolio to advance its goal of company-wide carbon neutrality.  The project will use the GHGS Standard of Practice to govern the creation, management and retirement of the credits.

"We’re working with Google at the site level to create GHG credits that are certified to our Standard of Practice, ensuring they represent a real and permanent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions," said Mauricio Vargas, CEO of GHGS.

"Caldwell County welcomes the opportunity to work with Google and GHGS to create offsets while improving air quality and promoting agricultural research," said Dr. John Thuss, Caldwell County Commissioner

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