GoodGuide Announces New CEO

GoodGuide, a San Francisco-based company that San Francisco-based company that provides information on health, environmental and social impacts of products and companies, recently announced that George Consagra has been named Chief Executive Officer of GoodGuide. He takes over from Dara O'Rourke, co-founder of GoodGuide, who now takes on the role of Chief Sustainability Officer. Prior to joining GoodGuide, Consagra was President of Scribd, the largest online social publishing site and before that, served as COO of Bebo, the social networking site acquired by AOL in 2008.

GoodGuide was launched in 2008 and provides free ratings for more than 70,000 products and more than 1,500 companies. The company said that Mr. Consagra will focus on expanding GoodGuide's products and services for industry partners, developing new revenue opportunities, and expanding its consumer user base. He will oversee the launch of GoodGuide Enterprise Services, a range of services to help companies gain competitive advantage from sustainability initiatives.

"George's experience in successfully growing companies is exactly what GoodGuide needs to take the company through its next stage of expansion," said O'Rourke. "His extensive background with major brands will be invaluable in building new partnerships with manufacturers and retailers. I couldn't be more excited to have George lead GoodGuide, freeing me up to be an evangelist for GoodGuide while working closely with him on science and partnerships."

"I see huge potential in GoodGuide, both for consumers and industry partners," Consagra said. "The team has built a stellar base for growth, gathering a passionate community of users and proving the value they offer to manufacturers and retailers. When you look at my background, you can easily see that it's just an irresistible combination for me."

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