Crowdfunding Sources

The sites listed below enable entrepreneurs, non-profits, and their supporters to solicit funds from individuals (“the crowd”) via the internet. Some of these sites also enable you to invest in social good projects, such as solar installations. If you have suggestions for this list please send an e-mail to info [at]

Also, if you are exploring crowdfunding options, this chart from Cutting Edge Capital (PDF) provides a helpful overview.

Coming soon! A platform for crowdfunding for social good

General crowdfunding platorms

Green/social entrepreneur/non-profit platorms

  • Causes – Provides an online fundraising platform (including leveraging Facebook) for nonprofits and other causes.
  • CauseVox – Enables nonprofits and other causes to create online fundraising campaigns.
  • Cutting Edge Capital – Firm offers Direct Public Offering (a method of investment crowdfunding).
  • Divvy – Sustainability crowdfunding.
  • FirstGiving – Enables non-profit supporters to create their own fundraising page to raise money for the cause of their choice.
  • Greenfunder – A crowd funding platform for green, sustainable, and related projects.
  • Green Fundraising – Crowdfunding for sustainability and healthy living projects; pilot project from Green VC.
  • GridShare – Launched in August, 2014
  • Mosaic – Crowdfunding for solar.
  • Razoo – A crowdfunding platform for non-profits and charities that allows individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations to set up a fundraising page to raise money for their own cause or their other cause of choice.
  • Return on Change – Investment-based crowdfunding platform.
  • Start Some Good – Connects social entrepreneurs with crowd funded venture capital.
  • SunFunder – Crowdfunding for solar projects.
  • – Crowdfunding for environmental projects.

– This list was initially prepared by Rob Stewart, and has been updated by Leonard Adler.

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