EBC Presents “How to Choose the Best Corporate Structure for Your Company” on September 18 (Discount Available)

On September 18, the Environmental Business Cluster (EBC) will present a workshop on How to Choose the Best Corporate Structure for Your Company. An overview of this program is:

When creating your emerging company, one of the first question you will need to answer is what structure would you like for your business? As easy as it can seem, this choice can be quite tricky and each structure should be deeply considered to choose the best for the future of your company!

Join Nick Olmsted, General Counsel at Serious Energy, a company that is in the midst of restructuring after raising nearly $150 million from venture capitalists, to hear about the advantages and disadvantages associated with each structure, and examine the factors that should affect your choice such as management, capital, taxation, liability, and much more. Nick will also discuss best practices on restructuring when your current structure doesn't match your goals. 

This event will take place from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm at Environmental Business Cluster, 10 South 3rd Street, San Jose, CA 95113. Thanks to our friends at EBC, readers of Green VC can receive a discount to this event.  Please select the "Partner Rate" ticket when registering online.

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