2010 China Cleantech Business Forum is June 7 (Discount Available)

The 2010 China Cleantech Business Forum will take place from June 7 in Beijing, China. This program will explore the challenges and opportunities involved in investing and participating in the growing cleantech market in China.  This event will feature networking opportunties, and informative panel sessions.  Panel topics are tentatively scheduled to include:

  • China’s Cleantech Industry: Recent Trends and Future Predictions
  • Cleantech Demand Drivers: Government and Commercial Markets
  • Strategic Partnerships and Technology Transfer: How and with Whom Will You Capitalize on Cleantech Growth
  • Clean Power Generation and Distribution: Storage Challenges and Grid Constraints Create Opportunity
  • IPOs, M&A, and Exit Avenues in Cleantech
  • Wastewater Management for Personal and Industrial Use
  • Renewable Energy: Wind and Sun as the Focal Point of Growth
  • Solid Waste Management: Opportunities and Difficulties
  • Clean Transportation: Electrical Innovation

In addition, on the second day of this conference, top executives from growing cleantech companies will deliver presentations to an audience of potential investors, partners, and customers.  If your organization is interested in participating please contact Lifei Xie (lifei.xie [at] chinacleantechfocus.com) for additional information.

2010 China Cleantech Business Forum will be held on June 7 at the Shangri-La's Kerry Centre Hotel in Beijing. Thanks to our friends at China Cleantech Focus, readers of Green VC can obtain a 30% discount on this program when registering online with the code "CCF0708".

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