January 7 is Deadline for 2013 Echoing Green Fellowship

A brief note — January 7, 2013 is the application deadline for the 2013 Echoing Green Fellowship. Echoing Green provides seed funding for social entreprenuers to launch new organizations.  Thusfar, Echoing Green has invested more than $31 million in seed funding to more than 500 social entrepreneurs and their organizations.  You can learn more about applying … Read more

December 16 is Deadline for $1 Million Hult Prize

A brief note — the final application deadline for the 2013 Hult Prize, a start-up accelerator for social entrepreneurship that will award $1 million to the winning team, is December 16th.  Complete information on the Hult Prize is available at http://www.hultprize.org/  Below is a video highlighting the 2012 Hult Prize awards.