$10 Million Progressive Automotive X PRIZE Shared by Three Teams

The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE, an international competition launched in 2008 with a $10 million prize purse designed to inspire a new generation of viable, super fuel-efficient vehicles, recently announced its winners (video at the end of this post).  They are: $5 Million Mainstream Class Winner:Edison2 “Very Light Car #98” (Charlottesville, VA)Economy: 102.5 MPGe Fuel: E85 ethanol Boasting … Read more

Progressive Automotive X PRIZE to Award $10 Million

At the recent New York International Auto Show, the X PRIZE Foundation and Progressive announced that Progressive will serve as the Title Sponsor of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition and provide funding for the $10 million prize. The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE is an international competition with a $10 million prize purse that … Read more