SJF Institute and Investors’ Circle Announce Merger

SJF Institute (SJFI) and Investors' Circle (IC) today announced a merger.  Effective July 1, 2011, SJFI has taken over management and governance roles for Investors' Circle. Bonny Moellenbrock, Executive Director of SJF Institute, has also assumed executive leadership of Investors' Circle. Two of IC's board members will join SJFI's board, and Suzanne Biegel – IC's Acting … Read more

Application Deadline for Investors’ Circle 2010 Fall Venture Fair is July 30, 2010

Investors' Circle (IC) is an angel investor network that focuses on enterprises that address social and environmental challenges.  According to IC, since 1992 it has facilitated the flow of more than $134 million into more than 200 private companies and small venture funds focusing on energy & environment, food & organics, health & wellness, media & education, … Read more