California Clean Tech Open Announces Winners of 2008 Competition

California Clean Tech Open

The California Clean Tech Open (CCTO), a business plan competition offering more than $600,000 in prizes for early-stage clean technology startups who plan to locate their operations in California, announced the winners and runners-up in the six categories of its 2008 competition at an awards ceremony on November 6th.  They are:

  • Air, Water & Waste
    Winner: Over the Moon Diapers
    Runner-Up: Porifera
  • Energy Efficiency
    Winner: Viridis Earth
    Runner-Up: NexChem
  • Green Building
    Winner: BottleStone
    Runners-Up (2): GroundSource Geo, Solar Red
  • Renewables
    Winner: Focal Point Energy
    Runner-Up: Renewable Fuel Technologies  
  • Smart Power
    Winner: Power Assure
    Runner-Up: Energy Empowered 
  • Transportation
    Winner: ElectraDrive
    Runner-Up: Goose Networks

These winners and runners-up were selected from the 43 finalists of the 2008 competition, which began in April.  In addition, an "Alumni Award," recognizing outstanding business achievement by a 2006 or 2007 CCTO finalist, was presented to Jim Sanfilippo, CEO of NiLA, which won the 2007 CCTO Energy Efficiency Award.

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  1. The Viridis invention sounds like a great idea, but there are already products on the market that claim to do this, such as the Aircosaver, a unit that attaches to your air conditioner compressor unit and monitors the thermodynamic efficiency of the compressor; at stages in the compressor cycle where the compressor isn’t at high efficiency (during thermodynamic saturation), it shuts the compressor off for short periods. They claim 30% savings, similar to the 20-30% that Viridis is claiming, and they are already selling their product.
    If you check the Viridis website you’ll find there’s no information there about their product or where/when it can be bought.
    Robin from

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