Update 5/3/2016 – Please do not send proposals until 5/9/2016.

Green VC announced today that is has launched GreenFundraising.org.  This site is an online platform to support projects that focus on environmental or social responsibility.

Entrepreneurs and non-profits can seek funding from the public (referred to as “crowdfunding”) by posting a project on GreenFundraising.org. Projects can offer rewards to contributors, but the website isn't intended for soliciting equity investment.

If you would like to have your project featured on GreenFundraising.org please submit an introductory e-mail containing the following information:

  • Organization name
  • Project summary
  • Amount of funding sought
  • Type of rewards/benefits that you could offer contributors
  • Date you’d like to start your funding campaign

You can send this information to crowdfund <at> greenvc.org

For some background on crowdfunding, a video from a June panel Crowdfunding: Disrupting Traditional Funding Models presented by the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab is provided below. This panel features:

  • Carl Esposti, Founder at Crowdsourcing.org (moderator)
  • Slava Rubin, CEO & Co-Founder at Indiegogo
  • Ryan Caldbeck, CEO, CircleUp
  • Daniel Zimmermann, Partner, WilmerHale 
  • Don Ross, Managing Director/Founder and Board Member, HealthTech Capital and Sand Hill Angels