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GreenVolts Receives $30 Million in Series B Funding from Oak Investment Partners


GreenVolts, a San Francisco-based company founded in 2005 to deliver solar power at costs competitive with that derived from fossil fuels, announced on Monday that it received $30 million in Series B financing from Oak Investment Partners.  The company said that it will use the funds to continue building its organization, accelerate research and development, and scale capacity for anticipated 2009 deployments. Some of the funds will also be used for its GV1 project, the world’s largest non-silicon concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) power plant built as part of its agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric. The first megawatt of GV1 will be delivered later this year.

"We will soon be generating energy from the sun at what will be the world’s largest non-silicon CPV power plant," said Bob Cart, founder and CEO of GreenVolts. "Having a partner like Oak that shares our vision for CPV is a great asset as we make the long-term decisions necessary to meet existing demand while continuing to innovate for the future."

"GreenVolts has quietly built a company and a technology that will alter the playing field for solar energy," said Brian Hinman, Venture Partner of Oak Investment Partners. "We believe that over time the GreenVolts system can produce solar energy more efficiently and at a lower levelized cost than competing photovoltaic technologies, dramatically accelerating the adoption timeline for CPV systems."

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eSolar Receives $130 Million in Funding


eSolar, an Idealab company based in Pasadena, CA that produces scalable solar thermal power plants, announced on Monday that it closed $130 million in funding from Idealab,, Oak Investment Partners, and other investors for the construction and deployment of its pre-fabricated power plants.  In January eSolar received $10 million from

"eSolar’s primary business goal is nothing short of making solar electricity for less than the price of coal, without subsidies," said Bill Gross, eSolar Chairman and Founder of Idealab. "This is not only attainable, but will truly change the world."

eSolar’s distributed solar thermal plants are designed to address the complex issues involved in large or utility-scale power projects and are able to achieve economies of scale at 33 MW.  The modular design of these plants have a number of benefits, including requiring minimal land and yielding a low environmental footprint.

"The eSolar™ power plant is based on mass manufactured components, and designed for rapid construction, uniform modularity, and unlimited scalability," said Asif Ansari, CEO of eSolar. "Rather than over-engineering the solution, eSolar’s smart scalable solar architecture targets what we see as the four key business obstacles facing the sector: price, scalability, rapid deployment, and grid impact."

eSolar has secured land rights in the southwest United States to support the production and transmission of over 1 GW of power. eSolar will have a fully operational power plant later this year in southern California.

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